SIZEALIZE is a much more than just an app which tells your clothing sizes.

SIZEALIZE is a new way to be connected with your friends and family. It helps you during the Christmas time and birthdays when you are troubled to solve out what was your brothers shirt size again.

In SIZEALIZE profile you can follow your favourite brands and get the newest news and notifications of the sales immediately. Profile will become your personal shopping assistant where you can browse your ordering history and share your closet with your friends.

Online shopping has never been this easy! You simply need to take a photo or measure yourself and you are ready for a totally new shopping experience!


SIZEALIZE is a service for online shopping and personal body size monitoring.

SIZEALIZE allows you take your body measurements ridiculously easily and precisely. The measurements can be used in any online store that is using the SIZEALIZE measurement and fitting service.

When using SIZEALIZE you will never again have to return clothes because they don't fit. Our illustrative fitting system gives you all the necessary information about the fit of the clothing. You never have ponder what size might be the right one for, because SIZEALIZE will refer you the right size and show how it fits.